Born May 9, 2007

Sire: Gian von der Mooreiche • Dam: Brea vom Haus Mann





FIN29758/07 "Rape"

owner Harri Keinonen

• HD-B/B
• ED-0/0
• vWD clear
• full dentition

13.9.08 Ulvila    BH trial    approved    BH

FIN29759/07 "Raju"
May 9, 2007 - April 23, 2017 (stomach tumors)

owner Niilo Putkonen  

• HD-C/C
• ED-0/0
• RD diagnosed
• vWD carrier
• full dentition


FIN29760/07 "Nipsu"
May 9, 2007 - July 31, 2010 (lung tumors)

owner Antti Palonen

• HD-B/B
• ED-0/0
• full dentition

20.6.10 Nokia   Searching 1    82/150//232   HK1
13.6.10 Kangasala   Tracking 1   72/174//246   JK1
16.5.10 Mänttä   Tracking 1   22/192//214   -
29.8.09 Harjavalta   Tracking 1   88/63//151   -
5.10.08 Nokia   BH trial   approved   BH


Kankaanpää 10.4.2010 (Rony Doedijns, Netherlands)
I would prefer this male with bit more bone and substance. It could have had more self confidence in the ring. Ear carriage could be better and I would prefer more parallel lines. Nice eye and pigmentation. Needs more stability in front. Needs firmer topline and needs more depth in body. Movement needs to develop more power and drive and go more parallel. Nice coat and condition. Open class G


FIN29761/07 "Remo"

owner Sari Hautamäki

• HD-B/B
• ED-0/0
• vWD clear
• full dentition

27.7.09 Kotka    BH trial    failed     
14.9.08 Anjalankoski    BH trial    failed     


Polvijärvi 6.4.2008 (Elina Haapaniemi, Finland)
Adequate size, friendly junior male that needs to learn better ring behaviour. Good proportions. Could be stronger. Good head lines, eyes and expression. Bite ok. Could have stronger bone and front needs to develop. Adequate body. Good angulation back. Movement not yet in balance. Junior class G

Däsy's D litter (born 3.3.2009, dam: Däsy's Fiasko-Acca)


FIN29762/07 "Äijä"
May 9, 2007 - February 23, 2019

owner Tero Vilanen

• DCM diagnosed 4/2018


FIN29763/07 "Rasmus"
May 9, 2007 - March 13, 2011 (meningitis)

owner Miia Järvinen

• vWD carrier
• full dentition


FIN29764/07 "Hera"
May 9, 2007 - December 7, 2017 (osteosarcoma)

owner Anne Pelto-Korpi

• HD-B/B
• ED-0/0
• vWD clear
• DCM gene test: negative
• 2 x lower P2 missing


FIN29765/07 "Nelli"
May 9, 2007 - February 24, 2017 (heart?)

owner Sonja Hofslagare

• full dentition


FIN29766/07 "Roosa"
May 9, 2007 - June 2, 2013 (stomach tumor, metastasis in lungs)

owner Kaisa Nieminen / kennel Mayfirst

• HD-B/B
• ED-0/0
• vWD carrier
• DCM gene test: positive het.
• full dentition

9.10.11 Hämeenkyrö FH2 trial    80 FH2 
11.9.11 General trial 3   90/196//286 EK3  
7.8.11 General trial 3   92/186//278 EK3  
26.5.11 Tampere Tracking 2    60/198//258 -  
14.5.11 Hämeenkyrö  Searching 2    65/- -  
9.10.10 FH1 trial     83 FH1  
21.8.10 Hämeenkyrö  General trial 2    85/190//275  EK2  
13.6.10 Kangasala  Tracking 2  -/145//145  -  
22.5.10 Parkano  Tracking 2    -/136//136  -  
13.5.10 Hämeenkyrö Searching 1    87/198//285  HK1
7.2.10 Pori Obedience 2    165   
27.9.09 Ulvila  Searching 1 82/102//184  -  
5.7.09 Kyröskoski General trial 1    70/177//247  EK1
9.6.09 Hämeenkyrö Tracking 1    75/167//242  JK1
24.5.09 Mänttä   Tracking 1    47/78//125  -
21.5.09 Tampere   Obedience 2    132,5   
29.3.09 Noormarkku   Obedience 2    108   
5.10.08 Kyröskoski   Obedience 1    135   
4.10.08 Kyröskoski   Obedience 1    173   
24.8.08 Ikaalinen   Obedience 1    126   
14.6.08 Hämeenkyrö   BH trial    approved    BH 

(October 17, 2009)
Capability to function +1 medium
Sharpness +1 low
Desire for defense behaviour +3 medium
Desire for fight +3 high
Nerves +1 slightly restless
Temperament +3 high
Hardness +1 tendency to softness
Accessibility +3 kind, accessible, open
Secure to shots +++  
Total points +182  

ZTP TEST 3 months held back (June 6, 2010, Norbert Daube)

(August 26, 2012, Rudi Killmaier)
Selbstsicherheit: hoch  Self confidence: high
Unerschrokenheit: mittel Fearlessness: medium
Temperament: mittel Temperament: medium
Führigkeit: hoch Controllability: high
Leistungsbereitschaft: hoch Willingness to work: high
Triebanlagen: hoch  Drive level: high
Reizschwelle: mittel  Stimulus threshold: medium
Schussüberprüfung: gleichgültig Secure to shots
Griffverhalten: voll/ruhig         Grip: full/calm


Harjavalta 26.5.2013 (Harto Stockmari, Finland)
Feminine, good proportions, correct head proportions, correct bite, underjaw wide enough. Good forechest, body, correct angulated back, parallel front movement, good hind movement from the side but slightly narrow from behind, good character. Working class V1 CQ CAC Best of Breed

Turku 20.10.2012 (Christian Jouanchicot, France)
Correct bite. Excellent construction. Correct topline, correct neck. Very good head. Excellent eyes, ears could be better. Excellent front and bone, excellent chest, back angulation. Very good tailset. Excellent character. Correct mover. Working class V1 CQ Best Female 2 res-CAC CACIB

Tampere 8.5.2011 (Wes Stacey, Australia)
Good overall quality. Very good expression when alert. Good front & topline. Could move better on hind quarters. Could move more frec. Working class V1 CQ Best Female 4

Kankaanpää 10.4.2010 (Rony Doedijns, Netherlands)
Bitch of correct size. She could have had bit more steadier temperament in the ring. Correct bone and proportions. Ear carriage could be better. I would prefer more underjaw. Correct in front and rear angulation. Very good topline and tail. Movement can be more steady and develop more power and drive. Very good coat quality and tan markings. Working class SG2

Harjavalta 10.5.2009 (Igor Selimovic, Croatia)
Good size, a bit short, good line of the head. Enough good expression. Short enough straight back, too short loin and the croup. Good angulation, in action could be stronger in the rear. Open class V4

Tampere 30.8.2008 (Keijo Alén, Finland)
Female of good type
, beautiful head, full dentition, dark eyes, dry neck, beautiful topline, adequate chest, strong bone. Straight shoulder, I hope the movement will still improve. Junior class SG3

Valkeakoski 23.8.2008 (Anne Sume, Estonia)
Very good type, feminine. Long feminine head, good expression, good bite. Neck long enough, I would hope better attachment of neck. Slightly straight shoulder. Well developed chest for age. Too much loose skin in neck. Well angulated back, some pacing in movement. Sideways movement OK, slightly cow hocked back. Junior class SG1

Harjavalta 7.6.2008 (Pjort Krol, Poland)
Typical female. Excellent hair and colour. Correct head and dark eyes. White and healthy teeth. Correct neck. Deep chest. Correct movement. Junior class V3, Best Female 3

Mayfirst litter (born 31.12.2011, sire: Heiko vom Ferrenberg)



FIN29767/07 "Reija"
May 9, 2007 - January 13, 2017 (euthanasia: aggressive lymphoma)

owner Hanna Helynen

• HD-B/B
• vWD carrier
• DCM gene test: positive het.
• full dentition
• Finnish character test passed
• BH, AD

Brückendorfer T litter (born 21.12.2009, sire: Puma vom Eschenbruch)

Photos, trial results and show results found in memoriam page.


FIN29768/07 "Rauha"
May 9, 2007 - June 1, 2015 (stomach torsion)

owner Veli-Matti Mäntymaa

• HD-A/A
• ED-0/0
• DCM gene test: negative
• full dentition

• FI KVA, Finnish working champion

4.10.14 Raisio  IPO3     76-84-84//244  IP3
20.9.14 Vihti  IPO3     95-93-88//276  IP3, FI Working CH
17.8.14 Inkoo  FH1     88 p.  FH1
8.8.14 Raisio  IPO3     98-83-94//275  IP3
23.-25.5.14 Slovakia  IPO3     17-96-86//199  (IDC WM)
25.-26.5.13 Italy  IPO3     97-87-95//279  IP3 (IDC WM 5th place)
27.10.12 Jokela  IPO3     92-88-88//268  IP3
20.10.12 Kouvola  IPO3     94-87-97//278  IP3
6.10.12 Raisio  IPO3     A 30 / -  -
25.9.10 Lahti  IPO3     77-80-10//167  -
12.8.10 Lahti  IPO2     78-87-70//235  IP2
29.5.10 Raisio    IPO1     73-95-80//248    IP1
14.3.09 Ypäjä    BH trial     approved    BH

(August 22, 2009)
Capability to function -1 low
Sharpness   +3 medium
Desire for defense behaviour  +3 medium
Desire for fight +2 medium
Nerves   -1 slightly nervous
Temperament  +3 high
Hardness   +1 tendency to softness
Accessibility   +3 kind, accessible, open
Unfamiliar to shots ++  
Total points +74  


Vaasa 26.4.2009 (Petru Muntean, Rumania)
Almost 2 years old female. Too immature as general appearance, she looks like a puppy of 7 months. Good head & correct bite. Not enough deep in  brisket. Not enough rich in substance in body. Sighthound type underline. Coat & pigmentation are correct. Intermediate class G


In memoriam VIDEO

IDC WM 2014 obedience (25.5.2014)
IDC WM 2014 protection
IDC WM 2014 (videos for members only)

IDC WM 2013 obedience (25.5.2013)
IDC WM 2013 protection (25.5.2013)
IDC WM 2013 (videos for members only)

IPO3 trial in Raisio 8.8.2014:
Tracking A98 
Obedience B83 
Protection C94


Gian von der Mooreiche Yoker v.d. Mooreiche

SchH3, angekört IIA

Badges v. Vaalserquartier SchH3 Castor v.d. Mooreiche SchH3, angekört IA ZVA Ali v. Langenhorst SchH3, angekört IA ZVA
Brista v. Reuschenberg SchH3
Bella v. Flandrischen Löwen SchH3 Gog Goliath v. Diaspora IPO3, angekört IA ZVA
Alexa v. Heiderhof SchH3
Nastasia v.d. Mooreiche SchH2 Ikarus v.d. Kollau SchH3, angekört IIA ZVA Oniv v. Gaxhardter Wald SchH3
Alexa v.d. Kollau SchH3
Cora v.d. Mooreiche SchH3, angekört IIA Ali v. Langenhorst SchH3, angekört IA ZVA
Brista v. Reuschenberg SchH3
Blista v.d. Scheltheide 

SchH3, angekört IIA ZVA

Gero v.d. Mooreiche SchH3, angekört IIA ZVA Asko v.d. Weyermühle SchH3 Bingo v. Ellendonk SchH/IPO3, angekört ZVA, DV-LSg
Cona v. Niederkassel SchH3
Cora v.d. Mooreiche SchH3, angekört IIA Ali v. Langenhorst SchH3, angekört IA ZVA
Brista v. Reuschenberg SchH3
Shari v.h. Weilerland SchH3, angekört IIB ZVA Hertog Conan v. Manensheide SchH3, DV-LSg, angekört IA ZVA Wasko v. Binselberg SchH3, angekört ZVA
Udine v. Frankenland SchH3, angekört
Olfa v. Myinkaba SchH3 Castor v.d. Mooreiche SchH3, angekört IA ZVA
Cinna v.d. Eremitage IPO3
Brea vom Haus Mann Jano v. Bayern

SchH/IPO3, Deutsche Meister '03, Leistungssieger Baden-Württemberg '02 & '03, ZTP 1A SG

Yago v. Bayern SchH3, FH1 Puck v. Bayern SchH2, angekört Onix v. Falltor SchH2, angekört
Heidi v. Bayern
Kessy v. Pfaffenberg SchH3 Ali v. Langenhorst SchH3, angekört IA ZVA
Esta v. Pfaffenberg
Cassi v. Bayern SchH/IPO3, FH Uran v. Bayern SchH3, FH Ingor v. Bayern
Kassandra v. Bayern SchH2, FH, AD
Shakira v. Bayern SchH3, FH Granit v. Bayern SchH1
Heidi v. Bayern
Anushka Germania


Alfred v.d. Urftquelle  SchH/IPO3, angekört ZVA IA, IDC Weltmeister '99, Deutsche Meisterschaft '99 3rd place Mannix v.d. Weyermühle  PSP/NW, RGSPH (German police K9) Adux v. Merkureck SchH3, PSP/NW
Gina v.d. Weyermühle SchH3
Ohra v.d. Weyermühle SchH3, angekört Hertog Conan v. Manensheide SchH3, DV-LSg, angekört IA ZVA
Hera v.d. Weyermühle SchH3
Qastra v.d. Weyermühle SchH/IPO3, FH1 Ningicosan v.d. Weyermühle  SchH/IPO3, angekört ZVA Hertog Conan v. Manensheide SchH3, DV-LSg, angekört IA ZVA
Gina v.d. Weyermühle SchH3
Hera v.d. Weyermühle SchH3 Argus v. Geronatal SchH3, angekört ZVA
Alfa v.d. Weyermühle SchH3
Gian von der Mooreiche

owner Sami Kiiveri, HOMEPAGE

• May 10, 2003 - November 26, 2008
• hips HD-A
• elbows ED-0
• PHTVL/PHPV borderline case
• CAH/DH test normal 
• show SG
• vWD clear (DNA)

VPG 1: 85-71-88 a / 244
VPG 2: 86-93-91 a / 270
VPG 3: 84-83-99 a / 266
VPG 3: 96-85-90 a / 271 Finnish Dobermann Championship '06 1st place
IPO 3: 98-83-91 a / 272 IDC World Championship '07 12th place
VPG 3: 90-80-96 a / 266 Finnish Dobermann Championship '07 1st place
IPO 3: 88-82-91 a / 261 Finnish All-Breed Championship '07 11th place
IPO 3: 97-76-88 a / 261 IDC World Championship '08 24th place
IPO 3: 97-83-93 a / 273 FCI World Championship qualification '08 7th place

ZTP Sg 1B (October 15, 2005 Armin Hoppe)
Selbstsicherheit: mittel (self confidence medium)
Unerschrokenheit: mittel (fearlessness medium)
Temperament: sehr hoch (temperament very high)
Führigkeit: hoch (controllability high)
Leistungsbereitschaft: sehr hoch (willingness to work very high)
Triebanlagen: sehr hoch (drive level very high)
Reizschwelle: mittel (stimulus threshold medium)
Schussüberprüfung: gleichgültig (secure to shots)
Griffverhalten: energisch/beständig (grip energetic/firm)

Brea vom Haus Mann

owner Sami Kiiveri, HOMEPAGE

• September 14, 2002 - March 26, 2010
• hips HD-B
• CAH/DH test normal 
• show SG
• vWD carrier (DNA)
• Finnish character test +182 points
• BH

More information also in "In memoriam" page.